Marquee Hire

Marquee Hire

Whether you are planning a corporate event, a charitable event or a family wedding, marquee hire is usually much cheaper than hiring a function room. The main reason people hire a marquee for their event is that it gives a sense of occasion.

There are many different types and sizes of marquee tents available, which makes it possible to cater for almost any type of gathering and number of people. Marquees usually have windows in the side to provide added light and many companies will be able to adjust doors and windows to suit individual requirements.

Once you have decided on marquee hire for your event it is time to find a company and present your request. As a rule marquee companies will require at least a week’s notice to give them time to prepare the ground where necessary and erect the marquee. Marquees are usually taken down several days after the event by a team of workers.

Types of Marquees

Most marquees are white and supported by aluminium frames with a steel core for added strength. It is possible to get coloured canopies but these are not usual and most companies dealing in marquee hire will provide you with a white marquee. It’s possible to find a marquee in virtually any length you need and in a variety of widths, depending on your particular requirements. If you want a marquee for a wedding ceremony as well as for the reception, then you may need a particular width to hold guests on either side.

If you plan on running a charitable event selling a variety of objects under cover, you may want to ask the marquee hire firm for a square shaped marquee. Most people associate marquees with summer parties but they are usually made from water resistant, UPVC material, which makes them appropriate for use in wet weather.

Personalised Marquee Hire

Marquees are practical because of their versatility. If you are hosting a corporate event and need extra room then most marquee hire companies will be able to link two marquees together. Companies are there to provide a service and will do their best to accommodate a variety of needs. An increasing number of modern companies now provide flooring with their marquees on request. Marquee floors can be natural matting or you could have a wooden floor if you were running an event with dancing.

If you are planning a winter wedding or event and you are considering marquee hire, don’t worry about the cold. Most marquee companies will provide controlled heaters to give a comfortable temperature even in late winter months. People like marquees and most associate them with happy events, laughter and music. Younger people tend to prefer holding their wedding reception in a marquee. In summer time people can wander in and out and children can play in the grass. You can run a buffet in a marquee or a formal sit down meal. No matter what sort of wedding reception you want a marquee can fulfil your needs.

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