Marquee Hire

Cheapest Marquee Hire

If you want to hold a small charitable event and invite members of the public then you may want to consider hiring a marquee. When you have a limited budget and want to run a fund raising event you should shop around for the cheapest marquee hire. It is worth taking a look online to see what is available for your event and whether one of those companies is in your area.

When you run a charity there are many things for which you need extra funds and a good way of achieving this is to run an event and invite town dignitaries and members of the public to attend. Whether you want to be open about the fact that this is a fund raising event or whether you want to hold an event and include fund raising as part of it is a personal choice. Take care when you are searching for the cheapest marquee hire that you are getting a reasonable service and a decent marquee.


What Kind of Event?

Do you want to hold an event that basically advertises the work of your charity or do you want something a bit more generalised? If you want to let people know what you do then you may need to hire seating along with the marquee and this will raise your costs. You can use your own seating if you have it but the cost will still be hire because you will need more space to accommodate a seated audience. When you are searching for the cheapest marquee hire around it is worth getting a number of different quotes until you find one that suits your budget.

You may want to hold some kind of sale for charity and use the marquee as a refreshments tent, if so it is worth finding out whether it is cheaper to do your own catering or have the catering done for you. Even the cheapest marquee hire can be expensive for a charity so it is a good idea to undertake some careful research before you go to a company with a list of your needs.

Where to Hold a Charity Event

If you want to save on costs then it is worth checking with the local council whether you can hold your event in one of the area parks. You will need to check with the marquee hire company whether they operate in your chosen location. Sometimes marquee hire companies may refuse to set up a marquee in the location of your choice and this is something you need to settle in discussion for the cheapest marquee hire.

You may be able to piggy back your charitable event onto a wider, local celebration where you will be sure to reach more people with information about your charity. Most local authorities run things like carnivals and summer or country fairs and it is worth checking whether you can add your stand to the mix.

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