Marquee Hire

Marquee Door Hire

Some marquee hire companies provide doors as standard while others will charge for marquee door hire and possible door security if it is a private event. A good marquee door, especially if it is made from hardwood will give you extra privacy and provide more protection when the weather is bad. Some companies offer marquee door hire and some do not so you will have to shop around to find one that can deal with all your requirements.

Some companies offer a range of marquee doors for hire and you can then choose one that fits your overall marquee design. Marquees usually come complete with windows in the side and some companies offer Georgian style windows as an extra. If you are holding a public event in the summer rather than the winter months then a marquee door may be surplus to your requirements. Doors are great if you are holding a private party or a corporate event as they provide you with more privacy.

What Sort of Marquee Doors are Available?

It is possible to hire a marquee that has doors as part of the package but if you want a good looking, solid door for your event then you may need to consider marquee door hire. Companies can provide doors that are in keeping with the marquee windows. If you ask for your marquee to have Georgian style windows you can reasonably expect to be able to hire a Georgia style door. Glazed, wooden doorways provide extra warmth and security while adding a sense of style to your marquee. Some companies offer doors in a range of different colours so you are sure to find something that will suit your requirements.

Some companies offer French doors with their marquees and aluminium ramps come as standard to avoid any hazards such as tripping. Marquee door hire is a great idea if you are expecting wet weather around the time of your event. Whether you are organising a corporate event or a private party you will want your guests to be warm and dry while they are in the marquee.

How Much will it Cost?

You should look at a range of doors so that you are armed with a number of prices and can choose the one that best suits your available budget. It’s a good idea to remember that while some of the doors on offer are very attractive hiring them may be more expensive than you had realised. You should always work everything out and agree all costs before the marquee is erected. Most companies that hire out marquees and offer marquee door hire are pretty up front about their costs, but it is still best to get this settled at the outset.

If you want the marquee company to undertake the catering for your event and provide the necessary furniture then you will need to have a clear idea of how many people you are catering for. The number of people attending the event will have an effect on the pricing structure when you hire a marquee; more people need more space and extra furniture.

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