Marquee Hire

Marquee Flooring Hire

When you hire a marquee for an event it will usually come with standard matting included in the price. If, however you are organising a wedding then you might want to consider some marquee flooring hire alternatives. Some companies will provide you with a wooden or chequered floor on request and at an extra cost. You need to sort out exactly what extras you need at the point of hire and what the company is going to charge you.

If you want specially designed flooring for your event then some companies can provide star spangled flooring or more comfortable carpeting on request. It is a good idea to shop around and find out what various companies may charge for their marquee flooring hire. Most companies will want to have an initial meeting with you to discuss your needs and that is the time to establish what the costs for any extras such as marquee flooring hire. Whether you choose to have flooring in your marquee may depend on where you are holding the event and the state of the ground underneath your feet.

Keeping Your Feet Dry

Nobody really wants to sit down to a wedding breakfast with wet grass under their feet. Some companies offer a certain level of water resistant matting as standard with their marquees while others may not offer any at all. You may have to approach a separate company for marquee flooring hire if the marquee hire firm that you have chosen does not provide it. If the ground underneath is damp then this will not do long dresses much good. If you don’t want your wedding train covered in mud it’s a good idea to have some flooring laid down in the marquee.

The cost of marquee flooring will vary depending on the type of flooring you choose and the area that needs to be covered. Some flooring will naturally be more expensive than others and if you have a limited budget you may need to give this careful consideration. If you are hiring a marquee for a wedding party and your intend to have a sit down meal then people will be more comfortable if their feet are on something with a solid feel rather than sinking into wet grass.

Dressing Up Your Marquee

Most people are prepared to splash out for their wedding day and will hire all kinds of extras to make the marquee more comfortable and personalised. Marquee flooring hire enables you to choose from a range of flooring options to make your guests more comfortable and to make it easier for dancing. Marquee hire companies usually offer a range of services including dressage for the walls and ceiling of the marquee to make it more festive or fit with a theme. Some companies have a much wider range of flooring options on offer than others, if you want flooring that is out of the ordinary in your marquee then shop around. Remember that whatever you choose to dress up the marquee may not always be included in the basic pricing structure.

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