Marquee Hire

Marquee Hire Costs

If you plan on running an event in the near future and you need to hire a marquee, you should have some idea of what can affect your marquee hire costs before you start. The type of event you are running, the number of people you expect, and whether they will be seated or not will all have an impact on the cost of hiring a marquee. People hire marquees because they can be a convenient and cost effective way of entertaining a large number of people in one place.

Marquee hire used to be the preserve of those people and organisations who were running events for the general public or for a club etc, but that is no longer the case. Increasingly people will hire a marquee for a wedding, an engagement party and even a birthday party. Where you hold the event will have an impact on the marquee hire costs, as well as the number of people you invite.



What Will a Marquee Company Do for You?

When you choose to hire a marquee you will first need to establish whether the company are willing to erect it at the location you want. Distance, marquee size and the nature of your event and the number of people involved will all affect your marquee hire costs. The marquee hire company will listen to what you want and will generally do their best to accommodate your particular needs. You need to be clear about what you want from the start if you want the hire company to give you some indication of what the price will be for what you want.

If you are running a corporate or entertainment event where people will need to be seated, this will affect the marquee hire costs because you will need more space. People take up more room when they are sat down than when they are standing or walking around a place and this needs to be accounted for. Natural matting may be included in the price of the marquee hire but if you want a different kind of flooring in the marquee then this could involve and extra cost.

Will There Be Enough Space?

If you are worried about the size of the marquee you need to speak with the hire company. Some companies have apparatus that will enable them to link two marquees together to provide extra space if you need it. The amount of room that you need for your event will affect your marquee hire costs. If you need seating and/or display tables you will need to tell the company whether you want them to provide these things or whether you will source them from elsewhere. Nowadays there are a lot of marquee hires companies on the internet; it is worth shopping around for your marquee as this will help you to get the best deal possible. If you know someone who has a used a particular company and can advise you on the marquee hire costs then it might be worth contacting that firm.

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