Marquee Hire

Introduction To Marquee Hire In Devon

The climate is an important factor when planning an outdoor event in Devon.  It can ruin your plans, or at least make you change the date of the planned event.  In areas with bad weather and more cold and rainy days than nice and shiny ones, people often think that it is impossible to successfully plan and host an outdoor event without something going wrong.  With marquee hire companies today, weather is not a subject you need to worry about.  Marquees are all-weather proof and can withstand even the most severe rains or winds in the UK.  Another thing that must be considered is heating.  In cold climates, you cannot hire a marquee without hiring heating for it.  You will pay extra money for it, but without it you can forget about having an outdoor event.

Marquee Hire Companies And Prices In Devon

Nowadays, it is very easy to find a marquee hire company because there are so many of them.  Most of them offer very similar services when it comes to marquee hire, but differences are noticed in the way they present themselves, in types of additional services they offer to their clients and in pricing.  Below are some of the marquee hire companies providing their services in Devon.

  • GD Hire
    GD Hire is one of the most popular marquee hire companies in Devon.  They offer a wide variety of marquees for different types of events, as well as a lot of different accessories.  For example, a marquee to accommodate fifty seated guests, with a standard marquee and furniture, lighting and heating it will cost you around £1190.

  • Devon Party Marquees
    Devon Party Marquees is a company that prides itself on offering an elegant alternative to the more traditional style of marquee.  A standard marquee with fifty guests seated, a garden party package, flooring, fifty chairs, six round tables, three trestle tables, lighting and coloured swags comes to a total sum of £899.  Any extras including heating can also be included at an extra cost.

  • Marldon Marquees
    Marldon Marquees tend to specialise in weddings and corporate gatherings and offer stylish and modern marquees for these events.  They have a lot of options to choose from and offer a great service to their customers.  One of their special offers is a wedding reception for 100 guests including a clear span marquee with ivory lining, swags, window drapes, chandelier lighting, floor matting, a parquet dance floor, ten trestle tables, ten round tables, 100 bistro chairs, a cake table, a catering marquee, a seating plan easel and board, a fire blanket and extinguisher for £1800.

Choosing The Right Marquee Hire Company

All three companies listed above have similar services, but the prices are very different.  Accommodating 50 people can cost you from £899 to almost £1200 – which is a big difference considering the types of services that are almost exactly the same.  When choosing a marquee hire company, you should always compare different companies in order to find out the difference in price and in the service you will receive.  Then you can make a decision based on the facts.  There are a lot of marquee hire companies in Devon and there is certain to be a marquee for everyone.

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