Marquee Hire

Introduction To Marquee Hire In Dorset

Marquee hire companies are useful in helping people to accommodate their guests and host events of great importance.  Most offer high quality services at a reasonable price and they do it in a highly professional manner.  In the majority of cases their staff are skilled, their equipment is new and they work to the highest standards.  Although marquees are in most cases hired for wedding receptions, they prove equally useful for any outdoor event.  For example, people often hire marquees for birthdays and corporate gatherings because you can, along with the marquee, hire certain extras to make the event individual and event specific.

Marquee Hire Companies In Dorset

It is a fact that all marquee hire companies claim that they are equally successful with providing you with their services for any kind of event.  The truth is that every company has their speciality in terms of marquee hiring.  Some companies do mostly corporate events, while others tend to hire out more marquees for smaller and less formal events.  When deciding on a marquee hire company, you should always consider this in order to get the best possible service you can.  Below are some of the marquee hire companies in Dorset and what they specialise in.

  • Godney Marquee Hire
    – Godney Marquee hire specialise mostly in informal events like parties and birthdays, they have four different kinds of marquees and many interesting accessories.

  • Breeze Events
    – Breeze Events specialise mostly in weddings.  Besides having standard marquees, they also offer a wide choice of extras like china hire, cutlery hire, table linen hire and a great number of luxury extras such as a large selection of floor patterns and colours, luxury tables and chairs, luxury toilets and so on.

  • Collins Marquees
    – Collins Marquees specialise in big events of any kind and have numerous accessories to suit every specification.

Prices of Marquee Hire in Dorset

In order for a marquee hire company to set a price for your event, you must decide on a marquee and all the additional features you might want, if any.  Here are some examples of marquee hire prices in Dorset.

  • Godney Marquee Hire
    – for a standard capri marquee with forty people seated, a clean (not new) carpet, four round tables, forty folding chairs, four chandeliers and a dance floor the price is £770.

  • Breeze Events
    – for a standard marquee with forty guests seated, linen, flooring and ceiling lights, four round tables, and forty white plastic bistro chairs the price is £908.

Choosing The Perfect Marquee

Although it might seem hard, choosing a marquee hire company is much easier than choosing the marquee itself.  When you are hosting an outdoor event and you want it to be perfect, you must choose a marquee that will complete the whole experience and make your event or party enjoyable and worth coming to.  In order to achieve this effect, you will have to make the right decision on what type of marquee you will hire, and also its colour and size.  You do not want your guests to feel like they are trapped, but they must not feel like they are in a big endless balloon, so size is as important a factor as anything else.  Colour can make the marquee specific to the event.

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