Marquee Hire

Introduction to Marquee Hire In Essex

Whether you are having a birthday party, a wedding reception, a corporate event or a simple gathering of friends, you can make an adventure out of it for yourself and for the people who are coming to this event.  A marquee hire company in Essex will provide you with service that will turn your garden into a romantic fairytale or a Mediterranean island – depending on your wishes.  More and more people are using marquees when hosting events because they are practical, reliable and they look beautiful in any garden.

Where And How To Find A Marquee Hire Company In Essex

The reason why marquee hire companies are becoming more and more popular is because people have realised that these companies are reliable, accurate and they always do what is agreed.  Marquee hire companies in Essex are efficient and very flexible and their services are easy to get.  Before committing to anything, they offer you the service of a free quote, which is an estimate of the price of a marquee that will suit your needs best.  This can be done online too, by a marquee hire calculator.  Using this online tool, you can get an idea on how much money you will have to put aside for this service.

Prices Of Marquee Hire In Essex

Naturally, the price of the marquee will depend on the size and type of the marquee and on the furniture and any accessories you decide to include.  Accessories are very important for many people because they complete the marquee and they can add a more relaxed, homely or lavish look to it.  Some of the most popular accessories are:

  • Decorations of the marquee
  • Heating or air-conditioning
  • Portable trailer toilet units
  • Dance floors
  • Lighting
  • Starlight ceilings

The final price is set when deciding on the marquee and all the accessories you have chosen.  For example, a 30 to 40 guest seated marquee will cost around £280 in Essex.  Lighting will cost around £50, flooring around £70, tables and chairs around £100 and a heater with a thermostat around £150.  When you do the maths, the cost for a 30 to 40 guest seated marquee with some of the accessories will be around £650.

Additional Services Of Marquee Hire Companies

Marquee hire companies offer a lot of additional services to their customers.  They can plan the entire event, they can deal with the catering and they can provide entertainment.  The good thing about these kinds of deals is that the entire event will be cheaper because of the deals which marquee hire companies have with other companies like caterers or florists.  Considering this, by paying a little extra money you can actually save a lot of money.


All things considered, marquee hiring has proved to be a great solution when in need of a romantic setting for your party or when in need of a promotional aid for a business event or an exhibition.  Having a wide variety of choices, marquees are perfect for virtually any event you might have in mind.

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