Marquee Hire

Introduction To Marquee Hire In Hampshire

People have always had the desire to gather in order to have parties, birthday celebrations or any kind of event, because it is much more fun that way.  No matter what the occasion, it is almost always more interesting if you have plenty of people involved.  But, for this to be possible, you have to be able to fulfil certain conditions.  The most important thing is the location of the event you have had in mind.  It is often difficult or, in some cases, even impossible to invite all of your guests into your home.  When this is the case, the perfect solution for you are marquee hire companies who are there to offer you a wide choice of options to help you choose a marquee and host the perfect event.

Marquee Hire Companies In Hampshire

Today in the UK, there are over 240 marquee hire companies who offer their services to you.  No matter where you live, you can always get in touch with multiple marquee hire companies that you can use for your event.  In Hampshire, for example, some of the marquee hire companies include



  • Simply Yurts – situated only in Hampshire, they offer a wide choice of marquees and yurts.

  • Buchannan Events – they have ten years of experience hiring marquees in Hampshire, Southampton and Dorset.

  • TT Tents Ltd – situated near Basingstoke, with over 20 years of experience, they provide their services across the UK.

  • Waterside Marquees – situated in Southampton, they pride themselves with providing Capri Marquees for any event or occasion to locations across the UK.

  • Carlinden Events Ltd – Again based in Southampton, they offer marquee hire services to clients all over the UK.

Marquee Hire Prices In Hampshire

Prices of marquee hire will depend on the size of the marquee, the furniture required and any additional features you decide on using.  Here are a selection of offers from some of the companies above:

  • Waterside Marquees –  a basic capri marquee accommodating forty eight people, measuring 20x30ft, with a 15ft height clearance will cost you £275.  Adding to this some of the accessories such as plastic chairs (£1.65 each), plywood tables (£5 to £7 each – depending on the size needed), flooring (£150), silver up lighters (£12 each), you will get a total sum of around £650 to £700.

  • Simply Yurts – a standard yurt of 12ft will cost you around £350, plus standard decorations around £150 (including flooring, furnishing and lighting) make the final price around  £500.

These prices include delivery costs, so you will have no additional expenses there.  If you decide to go with a yurt instead of a marquee, you should know that marquees are usually used for bigger events, as opposed to yurts, which are used for more romantic, smaller and more intimate gatherings.  Either way, your event will be a complete success because of the high standard of service provided by almost all marquee hire companies.

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