Marquee Hire

Introduction To Marquee Hire In Hertfordshire

Marquees are large tents built to accommodate parties, corporate gatherings and romantic weddings.  They are great for combining the comfort of an inside party with the romantic setting of an outside event.  Marquees are ideal for any number of guests and can often be designed to specific needs for an event.  There are a number of marquee hire companies in Hertfordshire who offer numerous different marquees, accessories, and extras all at a variety of prices.

What Type Of Marquee?

In western civilisations, marquees are generally used to host events like weddings and parties.  They have an image of only being a summer event but whilst most marquee hire companies are more popular in the summer, with the addition of heating systems, marquees can now be hired all year round.  The type of marquee is usually split between traditional and framed – traditional marquees being more similar to classic tents, using poles and ropes.  Like all classics, traditional marquees are the most popular choice by many people, but they have the disadvantage of being rather ineffective in terms of space.  Frame marquees are not as aesthetic but are more suitable for larger parties as there is more workable room for furniture and guests.

When choosing a marquee company, there are various options to take into consideration.  Most companies create free personalised quotations based on client needs.  This is a good way to choose your company as you can see which company is within your price range, which company can offer the service you need, which company has any added extras you like and which company can help plan and help host the event if needed.  It is recommended that you hire a company who has an office in your area as it makes them more easy to contact should something go wrong.  They are also less likely to charge you for delivery fees and more likely to offer a higher level of service if they have a permanent base in your local area.

Marquee Hire Companies in Hertfordshire

  • Red Lion Marquees
    This company offer traditional marquees, clear span marquees (frame) and Losberger marquees for events where you would like to emphasize on the beauty of the surrounding landscape.  Prices vary based on client requirements.

  • Danco
    Danco offer clear span and traditional marquees, but also Chinese Hats as an exotic touch.  They offer free personalised quotations.

  • Arena Event Hire
    This company categorise their marquees based on their purpose rather than their marquee type.  Arena Event Hire specialize in weddings, corporate gatherings and private parties.  Quotations are offered based on client needs.

  • Capital Marquees
    Capital offer only clear span marquees. Prices vary from £225 (for the 20/15 size) to £980 (for the 30/105 size) with added prices for chairs, tables, electrics and other accessories.

  • MHC Events
    MHC offer both the traditional and frame marquees, but also big top marquees for clients who wish to go for something a little more original.  Prices vary from £180 (for a 10/40 frame marquee) to £2,720 (for a traditional 40/100 marquee).

  • Phelps Marquees
    This company offers traditional and frame marquees, adapting prices based on client requests.
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