Marquee Hire

Introduction To Marquee Hire In Surrey

Marquee hire companies have been developing and getting more and more important and successful during the last thirty years or so.  The reason why these companies have become so successful is that they offer top quality services and they almost never fail to provide.  People generally demand quality service for their money and that is why all marquee hire companies have to be professional and have highly trained staff in order to succeed in this business.  Although marquee hire companies are not exactly cheap, many people opt for their services because the solutions they offer are simple, efficient and practical.

Marquee Hire Companies In Surrey

When planning a big or important event, it is highly recommended that you try to plan everything in advance and leave nothing to chance.  Marquee hire is no different – you should have a clear idea about what kind of a marquee you will need and you should book in advance, especially for events planned for the summer or spring, because these are the seasons with a lot of work for marquee hire companies.  Below are a selection of some of the most popular marquee hire companies in Surrey.

  • County Marquees
    founded in 1989 by two brothers, this family marquee company has had some prestige clients like the Bank of England, the British Museum, the Royal Institute of British Architects and many more.

  • Abinger Marquees
    situated in Surrey, this family run business has been loyal to their customers for more than 20 years offering them the services of marquee hiring, catering, entertainment and many more.

  • Marquee Express
    their slogan "We’ve got it covered" speaks for itself.  Marquee Express offer top notch services 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

  • Out Is In
    this marquee hire company prides itself on their versatile choice of marquees and additional equipment and on paying special attention to detail.

  • Monaco Marquees
    as they say, with their company there are no hidden charges, they offer flexible service, modern equipment and a lot of different additional services to their potential customers.

Prices Of Marquee Hire In Surrey

The prices of marquee hiring can go from couple of hundred pounds to several thousand pounds.  Your choice of marquee and additional services and equipment will determine the price.  Here are some examples of arrangements in different companies:

  • County Marquees
    For a marquee hire for sixty guests prices include a marquee lined in ivory £565, coconut flooring £130, lighting £120, swag £50, sixty bistro chairs £75, six round tables £33, three trestle tables £12, one cake table £5 and the damage waiver of 5% - a total sum of £1034.25.

  • Abinger Marquees
    An example of a marquee hire for a wedding with 120 guests prices include a marquee £1040, linings £420, flooring £270, lighting £170, heating £170, 120 bistro chairs £180, twelve round tables £84, five trestle tables £25, a dance floor £340 – a total sum of £2699.

Making the choice of which company or which marquee to go with can be difficult considering the number of companies and the wide options available, but whichever you choose, you will be provided with quality service.

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