Marquee Hire

Introduction to Marquee Hire In Kent

When organizing an event of any kind, such as wedding receptions, birthdays, parties, corporate events or any kind of gathering, people often have a problem with space.  Not having enough room in the house, being afraid of bad weather if they decide to organise the event outside the house or simply not being able to accommodate all the people in their home are the main reasons for hiring a marquee.  Nowadays, marquee hiring companies can be found all over the UK.  They can provide you with a lot of different services which include marquee hire, furniture hire and anything else you might need to organize an event of any kind.  In addition to this, some marquee hire companies even offer you a service of planning the whole event, which includes the catering, decorating, entertainment or security.

Where And How To Hire A Marquee In Kent?

As has already been mentioned above, marquee hire companies can be contacted easily.  Their advertisements are found in the newspapers, phonebooks and on the internet.  However, before you choose a marquee hire company you will have to decide on which one to choose, because there are so many of them and they all say that they are the best.  When making a decision, you should check the customer reviews of the company, make sure that they offer the services you need, see if you will get a free quote (a quote is an estimate of your total expenses and it should always be free) and the most important thing to check is whether they can provide their services on the date you set.  So, when planning an event, always remember to book in advance.

Prices of Marquee Hire Services In Kent

No matter which marquee hire company you decide to go with, you will always have to make a non refundable deposit ranging from 20 to 30 percent, and the total cost is paid upon erection of the marquee.  Delivery of the marquee you decide on is usually free, as well as lighting and flooring for larger marquees, but there are some companies that will charge you with everything but the delivery.  The price is determined by the size of the marquee, how much if any furniture you will hire and by the additional accessories you might or might not need – such as dance floors, trailer toilet units, different forms of heating (if the event is held during winter) or air conditioning, entertainment and other accessories.  Prices range from about £200 for 16 people seated to several thousand pounds – depending on the size of the marquee and how many people you are accommodating.

Why Opt For Marquee Hire?

There are a lot of reasons to hire a marquee for any kind of event, but it all comes down to practicality.  When using a marquee for hosting an event, people do not have to worry about their home being used for a bar and their living room for a dance floor.

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