Marquee Hire

Introduction To Marquee Hire In London

Whatever the occasion, it is always much more fun to host an event outdoors than indoors.  Today, with marquee hire agencies you can rely on, it has never been easier to throw a party everyone will talk about.  When you host an outdoor event, you always need a place where people will feel comfortable to relax and have a good time.  A marquee will be the most important ingredient in your recipe for throwing the perfect party.

What Are The Reasons For Marquee Hire?

When planning a party, you can easily get carried away by imagining all the things you would want this party to have, all the people you are going to invite, all the decorations you are going to put up and then you often come to a conclusion that most of the things you were planning to do or have are impossible because it would mean that you would have to build a new house or at least invest a lot of money to make your house perfect for the party you had in mind.  This is the reason why everybody these days hires a marquee.  It is the perfect solution for an outdoors event.  With a marquee, you can have everything you ever wanted from a party.

What Does A Marquee Hire Company Offer?

Besides marquees, there is also an array of different accessories which marquee hire companies offer to their costumers.  As a customer, you need to decide on flooring type and colour, lighting, types of chairs and tables, decorations, and even a dance floor.  When it comes to choosing a marquee, there are a lot of different sizes and types.  Sizes can be from four to fifteen meters in width and they can be as long as you need.  Some types of marquees are:

  • Frame marquees
    – this kind of marquee does not have a central pole, they are better for winter conditions and can be joined to one another in order to become bigger.

  • Traditional marquees
    – used mainly for weddings because they are more elegant than frame marquees.  They have two central poles.

  • Chinese hat marquees
    – small marquees usually used for buffets or an entrance porch.

Prices Of Marquee Hire In London

Upon choosing the size and type of the marquee and the accessories, you will be familiar with the price you will have to pay for the services.  The price in London can range from £300 or £400 to £5000 or even more, depending on the services you have chosen to use.

All in all, using the services that are provided by marquee hire companies can help you when planning an event or a celebration of any kind and they can provide you with excellent service and helpful tips on how to carry out your plans.  And when the party has finished, you are able to go back into your house without having to clean it up or to start thinking about getting your old house back.

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