Marquee Hire

Introduction To Marquee Hire In Scotland

Marquees are the ideal temporary structures for many different kinds of events and there are a variety of different companies offering marquee’s for hire in Scotland.  There are a number of factors that you should consider when choosing a marquee for the event that you are organising.  Choosing the right company will ensure all your needs are catered for and that the marquee has the specifications that you need. 

The Cost Of Marquee Hire In Scotland

During the selection for a marquee, many people are conscious of the cost.  The cost of marquee hire depends on the type of event that is being planned and also the number of people who will be attending.  The interior decoration and any extras required will also alter the cost of hiring a marquee.  This includes how many tables, chairs and other furnishings are required.  The location and the amenities already available are also among the factors to consider because if amenities such as toilets, water and electrical supplies are unavailable in the planned location they will need to be installed by the hire company on the day of the event.  Prices also range depending on the area of Scotland and it may even work out cheaper to hire a company from a different county.

Marquee Selection

The location at which the event will be held can often determine the kind of marquee that will be suitable for the occasion.  It is good to find a site that has enough space to set up a marquee yet is also easy for the visitors to access.  Space for car parking is also important, not only as a place for the guests to park but also because some materials may have to be transported to the site throughout the day.  If you do not have enough space, then it is wise to contact the local authorities in Scotland who can guide you on the right locations to erect a marquee.  Nowadays, the marquees that are on offer are made from aluminium frames which are joined together to make different formats.  The advantage of the modern marquees is that they remain firm in high speed winds and bad weather which is definitely a plus in Scotland.


Flat surfaces are ideal for the erection of a marquee but a gentle slope that does not require a floor is also suitable.  Those who offer marquee hire in Scotland also have specialised suspension flooring that allows for the adjustment of the height which creates a level surface.  Grass offers the most suitable surface for the erection of a marquee although harder surfaces can also be tamed by drilling pin holes so that stability can be achieved.

Interior Design

All marquee hire companies have a variety of different interior design options in order to make the interior more attractive and event specific.  The use of different colour drapes or pleated fabric linings are offered by most Scottish companies to enhance the mood and also keep the framework and the cables hidden.  The lighting for different events varies greatly as lighting can also be used to create the mood and special effects.  Exterior lighting is also important.  The lights can be fixed all around the marquee and this creates a special finishing.  It also provides enough light for the guests as they come to and also leave the function.

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