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Introduction To Marquee Hire In Sussex

For charming outside parties, marquees will always be in fashion.  They are a perfect solution – allowing one to hold a party out in the air, but still be ready for that rainy English weather that pops out of nowhere.  There are a number of companies who offer marquee hire in Sussex.  They offer a variety of different types of marquee, with different accessories all at different prices.

Types of Marquee

Most marquee companies offer traditional and framed marquees.  Traditional marquees are considered more elegant and stylish, however they are less effective in terms of space and costs.  Guy ropes and poles are used to set up the tent – taking up a lot of space that could otherwise be used for furniture and guests.  Framed marquees are built around a skeleton (usually made up of aluminium) that does not require ropes and poles, saving space.  Framed marquees have the disadvantage of not following the classic aesthetic guidelines, therefore not being up to everyone's taste, but they are more suited for larger parties.

Each marquee company also offers its own original type of marquee, for the clients that do not fit in with trends, varying from sophisticated capris to exotic Chinese hats and modern Losbergers.  It is important, before planning an event that includes a marquee, to calculate the exact size and duration of it.  Whether it's large or small and if it's going to end while it's still warm or will it require a marquee that ensures a bearable temperature all through the night.  It's also a shame to lose sight of what a nice landscape can do to a party, so it's a good idea to try to take that into consideration when planning a marquee event in a nice location – use a marquee that puts the nice view to good use.

Marquee Companies In Sussex

  • West Sussex Party Marquees
    – On top of offering the traditional and framed marquees that all marquees company offer, the West Sussex Party Marquees offer the Capri marquee  - as elegant as the traditional marquees, but almost as spacious as the framed marquees.  Prices vary from £325 (for an unlined 20/13 framed marquee) to £1,720 (for a lined 30/80 span marquee).

  • James Marquee Hire
    This company have a wide range of sizes and offers – being very flexible in regards to sizes, options and accessories.  Prices vary from £330 (for a 20/10 marquee) to £4,600 (for a 40/150 marquee).

  • County Marquees
    This company offer frame marquees, traditional marquees and the original Chinese hat marquees for chill outs and porches.  Prices vary from £430 (for an unlined 14/20 frame marquee) to £5,000 (for a lined 50/140 frame marquee).

  • Chichester Canvas
    Chichester Canvases offer mainly traditional canvas marquees and clear span marquees (frame marquees) but also the more surprising Losberger structures (including glazed, lockable doors that allow view of the outside without letting the cold in), pagodas and canopies.  Prices vary depending on the clients requirements.

  • Brookfield Marquees
    – This company offer marquees for parties, weddings and all kinds of events.  Marquees are priced on an individual basis, based on client requirements.

For people who prefer to deal with a marquee hire intermediary, Marquee Hire Sussex offer the possibility of comparing offers from three different marquee hire companies.

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