Marquee Hire

Introduction To Marquee Hire In The Midlands

Marquee hire companies can help you when you are hosting an event, but they do not do all the work for you.  For example, if you are planning on hosting an outdoor event, you should find out if there are any special permissions you need to acquire from the authorities, you need to check if your neighbours would mind you hosting an event in your garden, and you should take the time of year and the possible weather into consideration.  Upon making sure that an outside location is ideal for your event, your next step will be deciding on a marquee hire company, which can be found close to home – no matter where you live in the United Kingdom.

Marquee Hire Companies and prices in The Midlands

Different marquee hire companies have somewhat different prices, but, in most cases, the prices are almost the same with all of the companies.  However, some companies often do not play fair and they may have hidden costs.  You should be aware of this when negotiating a price.  You should make sure that all the costs are fixed and transparent so you do not get fooled into needing to buy a lot of extras at a later date.  Here are some examples of marquee hire companies in the Midlands and the prices they offer:

  • Crest Marquees Ltd. – this company offer a variety of choices when it comes to marquees and additional equipment.  With this company, a basic marquee for twenty guests seated, with round tables, ivory linings and floor matting will cost you £226.46.

  • Fews Marquees – founded in 1999, this company offers a lot of different accessories in addition to marquees, such as bars, heating, luxury toilet units, chocolate fountains and many more.  Fews Marquees has a minimum hire charge of £600.

  • Marquee Leisure – founded in 1985, this family run business can cater to your every need concerning marquee and equipment hiring.  This is an average-priced company, with special offers such as a party special for seventy guests which includes a marquee with window walls, ivory pleated lining interior, a chandelier, hardwood parquet dance floor, seventy banquet chairs and seven round tables for £699.

As far any other companies are concerned, for example Kenilworth Marquee Hire, Midlands Marquee Hire, Quest Marquees or Banner Marquee­s­, you can easily contact them by phone or ask for a free quote online to get an idea on a price they might offer you.

Marquee Hire Companies Accessories Offers

Aside from marquees, marquee hire companies provide you with a number of additional features which include chocolate fountains, bars, buffets, heating or air conditioning, many different special lighting options, garden games for children and so on.  However, most of these additional features come with a price tag which is not included in the standard offer and you should be very careful when choosing these because they are attractive and you can get carried away easily without noticing the effect of these features on the final price.  No matter how interesting or useful they might seem, always keep in mind that these accessories will cost you extra.

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