Marquee Hire

Introduction To Marquee Hire In Wales

Whether it is a wedding reception, a birthday party or a business presentation, it is always more attractive and more convenient to have it outdoors.  The outdoors helps people relax, helps them feel more comfortable and in touch with nature, which is always a good feeling.  In order for this to happen, you need a means of making the outdoors more appropriate for hosting an event, and a marquee is just the thing that will help you achieve the desired effect.  There are a lot of marquee hire companies which offer professional and high quality service for people who are planning an outdoor event.

Marquee Hire Companies In Wales

Marquee hire has become very popular and has been developing for the last thirty years to achieve the level of service they offer today.  Most of the marquee hire companies today offer additional services to their clients in order to help them plan their whole event, not just to hire a marquee.  They also tend to have very skilled staff who are able to offer very good advice which leads to many people using their services on more than one occasion.  There are a number of marquee hire companies in Wales that offer top notch services.  These include:

  • Lakeside Marquees
    – situated in Llangorse, they use traditional style marquees and they provide a free site visiting and quote.

  • Modern Marquees
    – a company based in the Cotswolds, they provide traditional and contemporary marquees across Wales.

  • Barney Lee Marquees
    – a family run company from Bartlett’s Bridge Stud Farm in Wedmore, Somerset – this company offers the service of complete event management support, very high standards and attention to detail to clients throughout Wales.

  • Howell Marquees
    – they offer a dedicated personal service for any event their customers have in mind, be it a big lavish wedding reception or a small, intimate gathering of friends.

Marquee Hire Prices In Wales

Marquee hire companies are not as expensive as one would expect them to be, because of the competitive pricing in the market of marquee hiring and management planning services.  If you should want to find out how much would it cost you to hire a marquee and all else that goes with it, you would find that information easily enough on the internet or by using a free phone number for any of the companies.  Most companies will offer a free quote.  Here are a couple of examples of marquee hire prices in Wales:

  • Barney Lee Marquees
    – a standard marquee, 60ft x 30ft, accommodating 110 guests seated, with carpeting, lining and lighting will cost you  £1,005.

  • Lakeside Marquees
    – the same standard marquee of 60ft x 30ft, accommodating 110 guests seated, with the same standard features will cost you £3,000.

It is clear that the differences in prices can be great, so it is advised to look around, be patient and very careful when choosing a marquee hire company.  Prices may vary considerably and although this might be for a reason such as the standard of service offered it can also just be because of their reputation.  A lesser known company may be able to do the job just as well at a fraction of the price.  

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