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Introduction To Marquee Hire In Yorkshire

There are numerous marquee hire companies operating throughout Yorkshire with more and more new businesses each year.  Companies are now starting to offer fantastic rates due to the mass amount of competition.  A lot of country wide marquee hire companies operate in Yorkshire although it is often better to find a local company who can help you on a more personal level.  They are also close by in case you need to discuss finer details with them or in case anything goes wrong. 

Marquee Hire Companies In Yorkshire

Many of the marquee hire companies who operate in Yorkshire offer marquees for every event imaginable including birthdays, weddings, christenings and corporate gatherings.  Some however operate on a specific niche and focus on a certain type of event or a certain type of marquee.  Almost all of the marquee hire companies that you will find offer additional extras which sometimes come in a package deal.  Extras can range from wood flooring to polished dance floors to bouncy castles to chocolate fountains.  Every company is different and it is important to find one that meets your specific needs and is willing to accommodate any extra finishes you may require.  New companies may be cheaper due to not having the reputation of the larger companies but this does not mean that they are not as good.  Below are a selection of marquee hire companies in Yorkshire.

Premier Event Marquees

Premier Event Marquees are arguably the most popular marquee hire company in Yorkshire.  Their marquees are available all year round and they cater for every type of event imaginable.  They also offer a special wedding marquee service to make your big day extra special.  The company offer an individual service for every client which includes sitting down and planning the event from start to finish with the host.  They can also offer catering and wedding planning services.  Premier Event Marquees ask anyone interested in their services to phone them for a free personalised quote.

Churchill And Simpson Marquees

Churchill and Simpson Marquees are based in Leeds and offer a marquee hire service to most places throughout Yorkshire.  They specialise in wedding services and offer individually styled marquees to all of their clients.  A wedding package with this company starts at £2,999.  This includes panoramic windows, dance floors, mood lighting, candelabras and starlight linings.  Anyone interested in a marquee with Churchill And Simpson is advised to visit their store or visit their website to enquire on a wedding package.  They have numerous good reviews and are one of the most popular wedding marquee hire services in Yorkshire.

Marston Moor Marquees

Marston Moor Marquees are another Yorkshire marquee hiring company.  They offer uniquely designed marquees which are perfect for summer occasions such as parties and corporate events.  The company has a professional team of staff who spend a lot of time speaking to the host of the event and making sure that all their requirements are met.  They also have numerous accessories and extra features which are optional but can make the event extra special.  Prices start at £195 for a 20’ x 20’ marquee and increase to £295 for a 28’ x 38’ marquee.  Clients are advised to phone or email the company for a free personal quotation.

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