Marquee Hire

Marquee Hire Weddings

Your wedding day should be one of the happiest days of your life and when it comes to marquee hire weddings are often one of the biggest sources of business. Don’t think of a marquee as simply an oversized tent. When you place an order with the marquee company they will then work with you to achieve the kind of setting that you want for your wedding party. You can have the inside of the marquee decorated with different colour roof and wall linings, you can even have a star spangled floor on which to dance.

Some companies will automatically provide natural matting with marquee hire weddings often involve dancing so you may want to have a hardwood floor in the marquee at an extra cost. If you are getting married in the winter most companies will provide some sore of controlled heating and you will need to give the firm details about the power supply etc.

Catering for Your Wedding Party

You may be able to book your catering when you arrange your marquee hire, weddings are a profitable source of business and most companies can cater for you as well as provide you with shelter. Whether you want a formal, sit down meal and wedding party, or a less formal buffet and dance, most companies will try to accommodate your needs. Marquee hire weddings can be very successful and less nerve wracking when the hire company can sort out the seating arrangements and the catering. You may wonder what size marquee you will need and the hire company will be able to tell you once they know how many guests are expected. Guests will require more room when they are seated, so you will need a bigger marquee if you plan on having a sit down meal than you might if you were having a buffet.

When Will the Marquee be Erected?

You need to know where you are holding your reception when you discuss marquee hire, weddings are sometimes held in the grounds of a stately home and occasionally in a person’s garden if it is large enough. You will need to give the hire company information on the size of the gathering as this will affect the cost of the marquee. If the place where the marquee is to be erected is some way out of town then this could also affect how much you pay for the hire. Most companies will need a day or two before the event to erect your marquee and it may be a day or two after the wedding before the marquee is dismantled.

Try to have all the relevant information to hand when arranging your marquee hire weddings usually involve some sort of catering and maybe even a band. Some companies can arrange your seating, catering and music along with the marquee hire if that is what you want. You will need to have an idea of the number of guests you hope to invite and what sort of seating arrangements you might want.

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