Marquee Hire

Marquee Lighting Hire

If you plan an event that will carry on into the evening, or even if you just want to make the venue special, you should consider marquee lighting hire. Most companies will provide a choice of lighting for your marquee, often uplighters and chandeliers but it is also possible to have different types of lighting on request.

Lighting is essential if you want your event to carry on late into the evening. Family parties and weddings especially benefit from marquee lighting hire as they can carry on enjoying the fun no matter how late it gets. Companies will have a range of lighting styles for you to choose from, some more expensive than others. If you are having an evening reception or event then extra lighting can be used to make the scene more romantic or to highlight certain areas of the marquee.


What about Power Source?

Marquee lighting hire companies usually have sufficient wiring etc. to tap into the nearest available power source. If your chosen location does not have an existing power source to cope with your marquee lighting hire then many companies will provide a generator for the occasion. Most companies will want to do a safety check before they erect a marquee at your chosen location, particularly if your require heat and lighting. Marquees also need to be erected in spaces where they will not interfere with underground drainage and power systems. It will save time and money if you have as much information regarding the location for your marquee.

Lighting can be used to make the inside of your marquee more attractive and inviting, especially if you have a particular style of decoration in mind for your party. In the winter months companies may also provide heating as well as marquee lighting hire and this is worth checking out at the initial meeting.

What will it Cost?

The cost of marquee lighting hire will vary from company to company. Some firms may include basic lighting as part of the package when you hire a marquee overnight, while others will not. You need to remember that what ever individual touches you wish to add to a marquee, including the lighting will be added onto the basic cost structure in operation. It is always a good idea to have some flexibility in your budget when you are organising an event or wedding celebration as there are so many extra goodies on offer.

The more personalised you want your venue to be; the more it will cost you. When it comes to wedding celebrations most couples want to push the boat out and go for everything that is on offer. Marquee lighting hire costs will vary depending on the style of lighting you require and the amount of space that needs to be lit. Setting up a marquee with lighting is more labour intensive than simply setting up a marquee and you need to establish what effect this will have on your costs before the event.

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