Marquee Hire

Marquee Lining Hire

Marquees can be lined or unlined. If you want a particular style to the interior of the marquee then you should look at marquee lining hire. Some companies offer basic lining as standard with their marquees while others do not. If you want a lining that is more to your taste and in keeping with the way you want to style the event then it will involve an extra cost.

Most people regard linings as an essential part of the decoration of a marquee and most companies will recommend marquee lining hire with their marquees. Lining not only gives your marquee a greater sense of style, it can also provide an extra layer of warmth and protection in the evening or in cooler weather. If you want to hire a marquee without lining then most companies will have several styles on offer and you can choose whatever best suits your needs.


How Much Will the Lining Cost?

Different companies have their own pricing structures and you would need to provide the correct information to the company. Tell the company what you want and they will be able to give you a cost estimate for marquee lining hire as it will be an additional extra. Take a good look at what is offered in the basic pricing structure and this will give you an idea of the number of extra costs you will need to allow for.

The cost of hiring lining for your marquee will depend on the style and colour of lining that you choose. If you have the basic lining, which can be very attractively draped from the ceiling, it will cost you less than if want a specific type of lining. The size marquee that you hire will also affect the cost of your lining and you need to take this into consideration.

What Else Should I Allow For?

It is not always easy to assess just what you need to allow for when you are costing the hire of a marquee. Companies have different pricing structures and some things that come as standard with one company will be extra with another. Just as marquee lining hire costs will vary depending on the style and colour of the lining you want, so can other aspects of marquee hire.

Some companies will charge more for putting up a marquee in one location rather than another. If the weather is wet then you may be advised to hire a hard floor rather than the standard water resistant matting. The number of guests that you have at the party or the event will necessarily have an effect on your costs because the more people you expect, the larger the marquee will need to be. If you plan an event where everyone is seated then you will need to allow for furniture hire, even if you get the chairs from a different company. Try to be as clear as possible about what you need and what sort of budget you have when you are looking for marquee hire quotations.

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