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Big Top Circus Tent Hire

If you want something different, but still want to hire a marquee then hiring a big top circus tent is a great choice. While hiring a big top circus tent for a traditional party may not be the best choice, there are plenty of events that a big top circus tent can add that extra bit of atmosphere to your party.

Something Different

How many parties have you gone to that offer a big top circus tent? The chances are, unless you have gone to a circus party the answer is none. The big top circus tent offers something completely different to a traditional marquee or any inside venue. If you have your party or gathering in a big top circus tent then this is something that will be remembered and talk about for a long time afterward.


Different Sizes

Most people imagine that big top circus tents are huge, round red and yellow tents that are only available in one large size. Now this is far from the case, there are plenty of different sized big top circus tents available for hire including small almost individual tents all the way through to tents that are 40ft in diameter, which can cater to any event size.

Different Events

While a big top circus tent is not exactly the first choice for a traditional party, that does not mean that it is not an option altogether. You can use the big top circus tent for different events including; hosting a circus party, weddings, festivals, food and drink tent or even a tent where you can host animals. You can even use a huge marquee tent as the centre piece of a village fair, which is great if you want to have some of your event held outside and some inside, this also offers up some insurance if there is poor weather and you can move your whole event under cover.

Easily Altered

While big top circus tents are not the most easily altered marquee on the market, they can still be altered. You can take the sides off a big top circus tent for a walkway like effect, or have them down for the full circus effect. You can use the huge space in the middle of the tent however you like. Many companies that offer big top circus tents for hire also offer seating or even entertainment as an addition if that is what you are looking for, however, for those that just want the tent you can get the staff to setup and take it down for little or no extra cost in comparison to the cost of the marquee.

A big top circus tent is without a doubt much different to any other party venue that you will ever visit. For something different for your party, that can be easily altered, and does not cost a lot, the big top circus tent might be the answer.

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