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Canopy Marquee Hire

Hiring a canopy marquee is the most popular choice of marquee because it is the most well known form available to the UK market. A canopy marquee may not particularly be the best choice for bigger parties, but for small social events the canopy is one of the only types of marquee that I would recommended. In this guide, we will explore why the canopy is the most popular form of marquee for back gardens and social events.


A canopy marquee is mostly associated with back garden parties because the design of the canopy is perfect for the back garden. However, this does not mean that cannot be used to cater larger gatherings. The great thing about canopy marquees is they can be altered so that you can have as much or as little space as you desire.




The canopy marquee has a desirable design for all different types of events that you would associate with a marquee. The canopy marquee has no setup on the interior of the marquee itself, while this does mean you will need a bit of extra space on the outside for pegs, this also means that you are left with maximum space in the centre of the canopy. 

If you have ever seen a marquee in your life time then there is a 95% chance that it was a canopy marquee. All the structures have a variety of pegs attached into the ground so the structure does not move, then the structure has at least four metal poles supporting the 'ceiling' which is arched, peaking in the centre. There are now even 'pop up' canopy marquees available for hire, which are small in both height and width, but if you can hire several of them then they can have the same affect as a large canopy.


Canopy marquees are great because they have terrific adaptability. A canopy marquee will protect you from the elements in the winter, and will allow you to feel the full benefits in the summer months. A canopy marquee in the winter can have attached 'walls' that allow you to be protected from the elements, while in the summer you can take the 'walls' down and feel the breeze, while still being protected from the sun. This makes the canopy perfect for events in the summer or winter time.

The canopy marquee will always remain the most popular form of canopy due to its ease of use and low price (when compared to other marquees); however, it may not be entirely suitable for big parties. If you are hiring a canopy marquee for a party then make sure that there is not a better type of marquee available for your party, otherwise you may regret choosing the canopy marquee.

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