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Framed Tent Hire

Framed tents, also known as tension tents, are a popular rental item for outdoor functions in the unpredictable climate. Gorgeous landscapes can still be enjoyed while guests are shielded from all types of weather in a framed tent. Framed tents can act as great alternate venues for weddings, garden parties, large society functions, and corporate events. With versatility, style, and strong a defence against the elements, framed tents are a smart choice for any outdoor function.


Framed tents offer more stability in inclement weather than other marquees. The framed tent offers additional tie downs and staking which makes it a more sensible choice when weather may be a concern. Framed tents are generally constructed of heavy-duty aluminium or steel tubing and the canopy is crafted out of heavy vinyl, this structure makes the tent ideal for poor weather. Many believe that framed or tension tents are more difficult to set up, due to their durable design and intricate tie-down system, and this is where hiring a tent as opposed to buying one comes in handy. Many rental firms offer both a set up and take down service of their equipment, which makes framed tent hire a wise choice for all events. Large framed tents make wonderful accommodations for business meetings and banquets as long sections of framed or tension tents make a perfect awning for outdoor markets.


Framed and tension tents can be versatile in style. Many companies have begun creating artistically designed tents with multiple peaks, interesting shapes, and elaborate canopies. Framed tents can be used either with or without walls, which make them perfect for either winter or summer events. The high peaks of the tension tent makes for a dramatic styling for any event. Decorating a framed tent is simple because its interior is clean and classic. Many firms offer terrific options such as custom interior canopies in different colours and designs to match the event décor. Other attractive options include delightful curtain-style walls, which feature tiebacks for sweeping views of the venue's ground. If weather does not permit, windowed walls afford all the luxury of outdoor views without compromising the comfort level of the guests. Framed tents are also popular for corporate events such as company picnics, job fairs, meet and greets, and various other events. The open-air tension tent style is the most popular choice for these functions because they offer attractive and stylish accommodations without the potential stuffiness of an enclosed marquee.

Framed tents offer shelter for all kinds of outdoor events. The versatile style and broad range of options for this marquee style makes it a great choice for both casual and formal events. Hiring a framed tent for outdoor events is a great way to keep out the elements while letting in the beauty of the landscape.

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