Marquee Hire

Types of Marquee for Hire

Currently, the marquee business is booming. Budgets for parties have decreased significantly, but people are still trying to get the 'full experience,' and the marquee allows for this without so much expense. In this guide, we will explore the different types of marquee for hire, and what party they would suit.

Frame Marquees

Frame Marquees are the most popular type of marquee available for hire because they are customisable. The frame marquee is a modern styled marquee that does not have any internal poles, which makes them great for all types of parties including weddings and conference events.  Framed marquees are usually secured to the ground with weights; therefore, no pegs are needed, which makes the framed marquee great for easy setup. As weights are more stable than pegs the framed marquee is also great for times when the weather is less than desirable because the weights are much steadier then pegs.

Pole Tents

Pole tents are the original form of marquee. The marquees themselves have a high 'tent' like ceilings which allow for a space. In recent years, pole tents have been modernised as there were in danger of being eliminated from the market place by frame marquees. Pole tents have supporting poles and are usually tied down by pegs, therefore, they may not be ideal for all conditions, but they are usually less expensive than frame marquees.


For summers day gatherings a canopy can be the perfect marquee to have. Canopies generally come without a floor, therefore, you need to make sure that the ground is not damp; otherwise this will spoil the party. A canopy allows for people to wander in and out of the 'main' venue to the outside, which is ideal if you want your party to be 'open plan.'


A yurt is one of the lesser known marquees available for hire. This marquee is mainly used as a source of accommodation at parties or other events, rather than a marquee where the party is hosted. In central Asia many people use a form of a yurt as a home as it is inexpensive. The design is basic and has not been altered from its original design which is thousands of years old. The size of the yurt varies but is often around nine or ten metres in diameter. The yurt is easily customisable and can be altered so you can take off the 'roof' or the sides of the marquee. Alternatively, on cold winter evenings you can easily fit a small heater in the centre of the yurt for extra comfort.

As you can see from the above, there are plenty of different types of marquee available for hire. If you do decide to hire a marquee then the first thing you should make sure you figure out is that you are hiring the right type and size of marquee for your event, if you do not get this information right then it can prove extremely costly.

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