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When hiring a marquee for an event or a party a Kata is not at the top of everybody's list, in fact, there are probably only a handful of people that even know that a Kata is a type of marquee. In this guide, we will explore what exactly a Kata is, and why they are becoming more popular for parties and events.

What is a Kata?

The Kata (also known as a Nordic tipi) is a beautiful type of marquee used for different types of events. Companies that offer Katas usually offer them for social events like weddings, but they are also used for corporate events as well.

What Type Of Events Are They Suitable For?

The Kata is suitable for almost any event that you would associate a marquee with; however, they are mostly used as catering tents from weddings or events. There are plenty of village fairs that use an assortment of Katas to accommodate different types of stalls. Katas can also be used for birthday parties, wedding reception areas, dance tents, VIP space or even corporate hospitality events. The great thing about Katas is they can be tied in together to allow for extra space, this also means your potential size is only limited by the grounds you are hosting the party on, because you can have back to back Katas until you are satisfied with the size. Remember, if you are unsure, speak to the company that you are hiring the Kata from; they will be able to tell you if a Kata is suitable for the event.


Once again, like all other marquees on offer, a Kata will not cost as much as an inside venue with the same space, which makes it a great choice for all different types of parties. A Kata that is ten metres in diameter will cost about £1,000, which is not that much when you think about how many people you can fit in the space.

Easily Altered

With ten metres diameter in space, you can fill a Kata with a variety of features to make it stand out from other venues. To do this you can either hire additional features or buy them, depending on your budget. 


The Kata is one of the preferred marquees in terms of quality and appearance. From the outside, a Kata looks stunning with its high peaked ceilings and American-Indian hut features. The Kata does not usually come with exterior 'walls,' which means that you should think twice if you are using it for a winter party, however, some companies do offer the exterior 'walls,' but you need to make sure you enquire before you hire a Kata for your event.

A Kata is by no means the most common marquee available for hire in the UK today, but that does not make it the wrong choice. When you are deciding on a marquee for your event make sure you consider a Kata marquee, otherwise you may be disappointed when you look back at your event.

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