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Multi Span Marquee Hire

Some parts of the UK are known for their gorgeous landscapes, however, as we all known it is also known for the unpredictable weather patterns. Events held in marquees allow partygoers to enjoy the beautiful landscape, while also ensuring they stay dry, warm and more importantly safe within the confines of the marquee. The multi span marquee is a very sturdy structure that brings the comfort of the indoors to the beautiful outdoors.


Multi span marquees are generally constructed of aluminium frames and are modular in design, allowing for easy transport. Many marquees feature dividing screens made of PVC, to allow organizers to create staging areas or separate rooms to suit the needs of the event. Each section of the marquee features a side-zipped panel, which allows for easy access to the outdoors from any section. Planners can use this feature to bring in fresh air, create entrances, or provide an exit into the property grounds. Additionally, each section can feature lovely Georgian-style windows to offer views of the outdoors and allow in natural light, which is important for any event. Marquees can be hired through plenty of rental firms, and provide a perfect setting for outdoor events which require added charm, shelter, and functionality. Each end of the marquee features three different zippers to allow for multiple options concerning the size of the entryways, to accommodate all types of functions.


Multi span marquees are the perfect rental item for weddings, dances, banquets and other special events. The marquees are designed to look fashionable while offering more than adequate shelter from the weather. Decorating the marquee to suit the particular event is simple, owing to the simple white walls, ceilings, and hardware, if you want the option to alter your marquee to your specifications then hiring a multi span marquee is a great choice.


Multi span marquees are ideal for events in all types of weather. However, even the calmest conditions warrant a special precaution of anchoring down the structure with ground pegs, bars, and special tie down kits. Once installed properly, the multi span marquee will offer refuge from even the harshest conditions. The canopy features UV-stabilised tarpaulin and the structure is held tight by brass eyelets. All exterior zippers are made of heavy-duty material to withstand the elements. The frame is also constructed of durable heavy-duty steel and is powder-coated.

Hiring a marquee for an event such as a wedding, corporate event, performance, or other festivities are a lovely way to hold an event outdoors without the worry of wind and weather. Multi span marquees can also be used to cover swimming pools for pool parties, extend dining or drinking areas for pubs and restaurants, or to offer shelter for different events such as sport functions that are in need of additional shelter for either fans or players. Multi span marquees are durable, safe, functional, and able to be personalized easily, which makes them perfect for all the events above.

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