Marquee Hire

Oriental Marquee Hire

Marquees are a popular option for individuals planning outdoor events. Different types of weather often put potential outdoor gatherings at risk, especially in the United Kingdom, where the beautiful landscape is only second to the ever varied weather. There are plenty of different types of marquees, or canopies available for hire. While the multi span design is popular for large events, the more intimate, and decidedly more elegant Oriental marquee is a choice option for weddings, garden parties, dances, and other stylish affairs. The Oriental marquee comes in multiple sizes up to six x six metres, making it a good choice for intimate events or staging areas alike.

Small Events

The Oriental marquee is a popular option for small events such as garden parties. Oriental marquees are smaller than most marquees, therefore, they are often more intimate, but still offer all the luxuries of a lovely indoor space. Oriental marquees are also are very customizable. Planners can choose from a variety of coloured swags to line the interior of the marquee, making it both an inviting space and festive at the same time.


Cocktail Hours

Oriental marquees are perfect for cocktail parties, staging areas, or entrances to 'main' events. Oriental marquees are versatile because they can be arranged with curtain sides, standard walls, walls of windows, or any combination of these choices. For a cocktail party, the Oriental marquee is a lovely and intimate area and does well standing alone or linked to other marquees.

Large Events

Although the Oriental marquee is generally the most popular choice for smaller get-togethers, Oriental marquees are also a fantastic and stylish option for larger events. Oriental marquees can be set-up close to one another in a village-type setting, which creates attractive lounging areas for guests to relax. In desirable weather, seating and cocktail tables can be set up in among these marquees creating a wonderful mingling atmosphere. The Oriental marquee is a good option for bigger parties because the gorgeous peaked roofs of the marquees are lined with lovely swags of material, creating a beautiful canopy worthy of even the most posh of attendees. Oriental marquees are also handy when irregularities in location prevent the set-up of larger structures. For example, a tree may stand in the centre of the desired location. With a string of Oriental marquees placed around the tree, the party can be set wherever the host would like, without sacrificing anything because of terrain obstacles. For larger parties where multi span marquees are the only option, Oriental marquees are a perfect addition to the set-up as an entrance tent. Staging for special entrances, sign-in areas, coat check stations, and greeting areas can all be set under the cover of an elegant Oriental marquee, adding an attractive entry point to the event.

The Oriental marquee is an elegant option for outdoor events needing shelter, while keeping style and grace. Oriental marquees are available for hire through many companies and allow the planner to create a beautiful indoor space while taking full advantage of the beauty of the outdoors that the UK has to offer.

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