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Small Marquee Hire

For many people, hiring a marquee is not their first choice of venue when it comes to a party, however, at the moment disposable income is not exactly at an all time high, but does this mean that we should stop enjoying life? Hiring a small marquee can be the perfect way to have a great party with your closest friends, and not spend a fortune in the process, in this guide; we will explore the benefits of hiring a small marquee for any type of party.


Just because a small marquee is less in size than a 'regular' marquee, it does not lose any of its traditional design that many associate with marquees. The small marquee is just a smaller version of a traditional marquee; therefore, all the features of an original marquee remain the same. If you want to, you can alter the interior of the marquee to suit your gathering, and this in turn adds to your perfect design.


For Small Parties

A small marquee is perfect for any house party that requires additional space. If this is the case, you can hire a small marquee from one of many companies who will set up and take down the marquee for your party. A small marquee can stop the need for you to move your party to a bigger venue, and act as a temporary extension to either the back, front or side of your home. Alternatively, if you do not want to host a party in your home then you can just have the party in a marquee outside your home, regardless of the weather. In the summer, a small marquee can be changed around to allow for an open plan feel, alternatively, in the winter, you can rent or buy heaters that can be placed in the marquee to add extra warmth, however, marquees are now designed in such a way that all forms of weather can be kept out or let in, therefore, this makes them great for parties.

For Larger Parties

Of course, if you are having a large party, then a small marquee may be perfect for either a staging or check in area. If you intend to hold a big party that requires people to check in their coats, or people to buy tickets then having a small marquee set up just before the 'main' party area is ideal. You can also use a small marquee as a staging area for a party or a place where food can be served to your guests.

If you decide to use a small marquee for your party, or as an extension to a larger marquee you will not be disappointed of the quality on offer. Remember, always make sure you check all the specifications of the marquee before you finalise the deal, otherwise you could find yourself in trouble especially if you do not give yourself enough time to alter your details.

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