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Traditional Marquee Hire

British culture is known for its affinity with marquees for different types of events. The United Kingdom hosts an array of different and varying climates; therefore, many outdoor events include the hire of a traditional marquee. Marquees are popular for garden parties, weddings, corporate events, and various other social gatherings. These enclosures can be rented out for these events, and allow outdoor events to be held no matter the weather. The lovely scenery of the countryside, garden, or a city view can be enjoyed without the elements getting in the way of comfort. While many modern styles of marquee have come on the market and proven popular, the traditional marquee remains a time-tested favourite for its styling and nostalgia.


Traditional marquees come in a variety of sizes. Parties of 50 will find the accommodations comfortable and inviting, while parties of 300 or more will enjoy the amount of space on offer. Sometimes referred to as pole marquees, the traditional marquee features a centre pole as the apex of the structure. Traditional marquees are generally canvas in material, making them more suited for summer events. The canvas uses a breathable material making it much more desirable than the more modern marquees, which are made with synthetic materials. The traditional marquee can only be anchored in grass, so renters and planners should be aware of this issue and should plan the marquee hire around this point.


There is really no question concerning the beauty of a traditional pole marquee. The attractive design lends itself to form as well as function with the wooden poles that dot the interior of the tent, giving opportunity for decorators to work their magic. With attractive lighting, traditional marquees make fantastic evening venues. This is due to dramatically swooping ceilings and walls with rustic pillars. Many people that use traditional marquees decide to decorate the structural poles with flowers, in fact, for those with a bigger budget you can even call a florist into decorate the event. Florists can arrange flowers, ribbons, and other décor along the structural poles, creating a festive and intimate atmosphere; all this will not interfere with the structure itself, which makes the traditional marquee great for people with a creative mind. When the marquee itself becomes part of the décor, it creates a feel of cohesiveness that is unrivalled by modern marquees that have no interior structure poles. The structure of the traditional marquee also allows side panels to be removed from the structure, allowing open-air parties to be enjoyed under the shade of the traditional marquee.

Unlike clear or multi span marquees, traditional marquees feature the elegance and nostalgia of the wooden pole supports that many imagine when they think of a marquee. The United Kingdom has been using this style of marquee for hundreds of years and it's lovely design, paired with the breathable more modern choice of canvas as a canopy makes the traditional marquee a more comfortable option for both spring and summer events.

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