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Walkway Marquee Hire

Hiring a marquee is a popular choice for those planning festivities in the United Kingdom. The gorgeous landscape of the country can create a perfect backdrop for any fashionable soiree. However, the weather of the countryside can sometimes be unpredictable and there are times when an enclosed area is best for the function. Marquees help being the outdoors to the inside with warm, inviting settings for different types of events. One important aspect of the marquee market is the walkway marquee. This often-overlooked item is an excellent way to offer guests maximum comfort, which provides many functional purposes.


Walkway marquees are often very versatile. If weather permits, a walkway marquee can be a simple canopy with open walls for beautiful views, alternatively, they can be fully enclosed with terrific décor along the walls. Walkway marquees are vital to any party with offsite toilets. An attractive walkway between the event marquee and the toilet ensures that guests stay comfortable throughout the duration of the event and make them more likely to think of the event as a success. Walkway marquees may sound slightly timid but they do very well when harsh weather persists. A comfortable path between the entrance of the location and the entrance of the main marquee can be warm, inviting, and functional. However, walkway marquees are more than just a lovely way to accommodate guests. Walkways are a fantastic way to keep areas separate, such as catering staff.  A walkway marquee serves as a covered walkway for servers to get from their tent to the main tent without needing to brave the elements, which could compromise food and drink quality. Obviously, the main function of a walkway marquee if to offer an entrance to the main event though which is often one large marquee situated in the centre of the event.


Hiring a marquee is the sign of a well though-out event. Events with hired marquees tend to be more popular because they show attention to specific detail. While an everyday garden party may be in order, a hire of a walkway marquee can serve as a lovely enclosed path to the garden. Decorated walkways create an air of elegance and introduce guests to the party in a welcoming and stylish manner. Walkway marquees are also wonderful entrance portals. Entrance tents serve as a staging area for guests, but the walkway is where they really begin to enter the party. The walkway creates a separation of the entrance and the event, which is important for most parties. Walkway marquees come in a variety of lengths and are generally three metres in width. A stylish alcove for the band, bar, or gift table can be achieved by setting up a walkway marquee to the side of the main hall.

Hiring a marquee is a popular choice in the United Kingdom for parties, weddings, dances, corporate events, and other various functions. Walkway marquees are an attractive and functional addition to any outdoor party, because they offer shelter and style without compromising any aspect of the event.

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