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When it comes to hiring a marquee, a yurt is not a name that many people have even heard of, let alone considered hiring for their event. However, for those of you that do not know, a yurt is a great marquee which is available for a decent price. In this guide, we will explore why a yurt can be desirable, and what the benefits of hiring a yurt are to the United Kingdom market.

What is a Yurt?

The yurt is one of the more desirable designed marquees available to the market, and is not one that is often associated with parties. The exterior of a yurt is dome shaped that is usually about six foot seven in height and 20 foot in diameter. The yurt is rarely used for parties like wedding receptions or corporate events, and is more commonly used for temporary living accommodation, team building workshops or even festival accommodation. In Asia, the yurt homes a high percentage of people due to its low cost and great reputation. The yurt has not been altered in design since it was first invented thousands of years ago by nomadic Mongols.

Different Sizes

Over the last couple of decade's marquee companies have taken it on themselves to hire out yurts for social events, therefore, they had to increase the amount of space available on the inside. You will now find yurts ranging from 14 foot in diameter to a huge 30 foot in diameter (which holds about 100 people standing up), which makes them great for gatherings and parties, even though at the moment they find themselves behind more traditional marquees.

What are they used for?

Due to the increase in size, yurts can be used for almost anything that you desire. Most yurts are used for social events, but some yurts are used a summer fares or even at festivals for accommodation. Yurts are even used at weddings to put people up for the evening, of course your budget has to be huge for you to afford this, but if somebody does not mind paying a bit of money then you can hire then a small yurt which they can stay in for the evening.

Why are they different?

Unlike regular marquees that are available for hire, the yurt marquee is formed of wood instead of metal or another synthetic structure. This gives it additional bulk which can be needed for harsher weather conditions. The yurt marquee is also one of the only dome shaped marquees available to rent on the market.

While the yurt may not be perfect for every situation it does have beneficial uses for some situations. There is no doubt that the yurt is becoming more popular in western civilisation, even though it has been used for thousands of years in eastern civilisation by millions of people.

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